Hair today.
Gone tomorrow!

Here's our how-to guide on using our products.

Prime It

Trim your hair to a buzz-cut length.
Shaving immediately after a haircut is the best time for your first head shave because it makes those bristly hairs easier to cut. You may need to use a clipper at home or go to a barber—–we recommend a short buzz-cut length.
Once you're ready, apply your Gillette baldly Shave Gel or Cream Primer to a wet head and lather.

Shave It

Grab your Gillette baldly Razor.
Shave with light, smooth strokes using even pressure. Work in a pattern that's comfortable for you—–try changing directions and going against the grain on your second pass.
Fold your ears down as you work around them to help keep them from being nicked.
Rinse the blades gently every few strokes and gently shake excess water off. To prolong the life of your blades, do not tap your razor against the sink or wipe against a towel.

Finish It

Give your newly shaven head some extra TLC.
We recommend using the Gillette baldly Moisturizer and SPF30 Sunscreen daily to help hydrate and protect your head.
For a matte finish, we recommend applying the Gillette baldly Shine Control anytime you want to help reduce glare.

You won't have a hair out of place.

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